I dream of fragging

This is a sketch I made months ago while planning the layout for RMQ’s new DM3 map. It’s still DM3, but the floor plan is tweaked a bit for a little more symmetry, weapon placement is adapted to the RMQ toolkit system and its very different implications from vanilla Quake, the two armours are positioned opposite each other in a central atrium and so forth.

The round things near the center are jumppads. I guess I played a lot of Quake 4 while designing this, so it came up as a mixture of Quake’ DM3, Quake4’s The Fragging Yard, and my desire for symmetry. The Quad is in the upper story of a little tower of sorts jutting out into the atrium, again inspired by The Fragging Yard. Teleporters are still of some importance here but have been repositioned.

Part of me can’t wait to build this, and it is one of the things I want to tackle after the current demo cycle is over.

A propos jump pads. Gnounc gave me this:

So I guess we have a jumppad mapmodel. He’s also working on an acceleration pad model, albeit the appearance of that is quite different from Quake 4’s. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the fact that it is more Quakey.

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