Full Monty

Wait, this is RMQ, right. OK, might as well…

I’ll have to take the actual flow and layout of the whole level into account when I flesh out the inside of that fortress. I hope it’s big enough to allow for e1m5’s center building with the lift, the Quad teleporter stuff and the GK room. Everything else can branch off below the fortress.

RMQ has 4 standard keys instead of Quake’s 2. This means there’ll be four branches here, with a key at each end. Plus a central element of the story that’ll not be revealed.

And remember folks, don’t try this at home, or at least snap your stuff to the grid after each step. I snapped to a 4 unit grid after rotating the whole mess, and controlled the shape of my arches every time. Everything snapped fine, except one of the wedged brushes on the outside, which I’ll have to redo manually.

Nali Fortress of Gloom.



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