Gloomy mapping, continued

Building arches at 45 degrees, I’m sure there is an easier method but now I did it like that.

Using translate to pull it out…

Again, flipping the entire crap…

Most of the front part is there.



5 responses to “Gloomy mapping, continued

  • negke

    For a start, use wedge or triangle-shaped brushes whose upper sides all touch in top corners (in your screenshots: the lower brushes that shape the inside of the arch; delete the rectangular ones). This will make it slightly easier to realign the vertices that are off the line. It helps to move the rotated brushes around to use the grid lines (or boxes for that matter) as an aid; and don’t bother with rotating/realigning the entire arch, just do one half, then copy and mirror it.

    45 degree brush rotation isn’t really a problem in Quake – it’s just Radiant’s brush validation that makes it a pain in the ass. I even ended up rotating and fixing up certain more complicated structures in Quest instead, because it was just faster and less frustrating.

  • negke

    Heh, I save my map files in the Quest dir, too, despite using Radiant.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    well, it works now 🙂

    just rotating them 45 degrees might be faster, yeah.

    And you can never quite leave Quest behind 😉

    Radiant = Quest’s big brother.

  • negke

    What I meant by “realigning the vertices” was fixing moving them back onto the diagonal line after snapping the brushes to the grid <- I hope you did that, otherwise you might just as well switch to Quark. 😉

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    I’m not sure I understand what you think the problem is. There was no fixing needed. The vertices are in the correct position after snapping the thing to the 4 unit grid which it was originally constructed on. The things were rotated by 90 degree each, snapped, and hand-checked afterwards. There is simply no problem.
    See here.


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