Compiling fun

Since this map takes 15 hours to vis on a quad core, and the deadline is imminent, I turned a lot of stuff into func_walls. Promptly, the hmap2 compiler segfaults. Yay. And a few hours later, after playing cat and mouse with it, I find that it is really unpredictable which func_walls the thing will like and which it won’t.

Fuck this.  These are the things that are hateworthy when working with Quake. It’s an unpredictable diva.

I hate to say it, but hmap2 isn’t looking too good since I’m working with it. It is especially finicky compared to other compilers. I’m dependant on it though, as long as I want to use rotating bmodels.

Quake really, really needs a dedicated tool coder again. Without actively maintained and consequently road tested tools, the future looks pretty rough for content creators. Bengt Jardrup’s tools had a string of patches applied to them in the past, but that’s no substitute for a dedicated tool coder. As a result, there are now 3 or 4 versions of them out there, none of which is properly maintained.

This situation sucks, folks.


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