Post demo release syndrome

After the critically acclaimed second singleplayer demo release, RMQ is off the leash: there seems to be a real urge to push out a whole wave of great stuff relatively soon, which surprised me at first, but I’m not so stupid as to jump in front of a speeding freight train! Which is what it feels like at the moment. I decided to make the best of it and just join the frenzy. Next thing I’ll polish for a release is e1m2rq, working title The House of Crimson Blades, but possibly going to be renamed. Castle of the Decrypted in honour of my favourite webcomic, Erfworld, would be a good choice and also refers to making the croaked come back to life.

And that’s what RMQ is about anyway – we’re a bunch of master class croakamancers mass-resurrecting dead levels. Ijed has been working full steam on Episode 3 for weeks now. Expect to see something from that as well – and probably the first taste of RMQ’s Episode 2, directed by veteran mapper RJ Thorne.

Good things are on the horizon. Anyway, I decided to post a couple screenies of what I’m working on right now, so without further ado: Say hi to the decrypted version of the Ferrari map.

Gotta love that warm lighting on those nice wood textures – that’s the Quake Retexturing Project again, with the RMQ addon pack. This map is actually totally geared to use the QRP now, as it looks a lot less sexy without it – the texture choice and combinations are all done with the QRP in mind, so like e1m6rq, this was made for the QRP. If you insist on playing my maps with low res textures, I will a) not listen to your complaints, and b) you won’t experience the maps as they were intended to. Your loss.

While some might say that doing a completely new hi-res RMQ texture set from scratch would be preferable, I have to ask what they are smoking. It’s hard enough to get this thing out as it is… there is simply no texture artist available who’ll do a completely new set for us and it’s not necessary to go there either. Other people have already done the work for us, and it’s only reasonable to build upon what they gave us and make it suit our needs.

I think the QRP is gorgeous if used right. “Used right” means you have to map for the QRP textures, and use the originals as placeholders only while testing your map with the QRP and tweaking it with that in mind.

This is also the point where it pays off to not use an outrageous amount of Quake 2 or whatever non-Quake textures (although the greenish floor tiles in the above shots are custom, as are a handful of others). I fully intend to go fully hi-res with my episode, and that means not just the textures – RMQ’s 44.1 kHz sounds are another aspect of this (I brought that sound project into the “marriage” way back when me and ijed sacrificed that virgin).

We have an opportunity here with RMQ; it creates some real leverage to introduce some change to the Quakescape. We should not waste it. It would be a shame.

Even if the ogres aren’t hi-res yet. They’re a little slow to pick up on things.

Shots made in the RMQ engine.

Oh yes, you’ll be able to walk on the roofs.


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