It seems Spirit was insulted by my comparison of Quaddicted policies with censorship: since I don’t intend to personally insult him, I’ll apologize for that bit and I also took the image down (RMQ map with Stop signs).

In the interest of maybe getting something productive out of this, I’ll clarify: My issue is that Quaddicted’s criteria for what’s considered too far from Quake to be featured seem unclear and where they concern me, ie the past RMQ singleplayer demos, appear unfair. I don’t understand why this particular division is being made.

They (RMQ singleplayer content) might be seen by some to be quite far out in terms of features, yet that might be because it is hard for most to get a complete picture of RMQ since most of it is unreleased. I can only suggest you take negke and mh’s word for it since both have the inside scoop (TRAC and SVN access).

It is certainly the site owner’s business what he wants to host and what not.

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