The one true Quake…

In the debate over Quaddicted‘s (ie Spirit’s) boycott of the RMQ mod, it was recently said that “the entire RMQ team is in denial about how far from the original Quake RMQ is”.

I beg your pardon. As rjthorne aptly stated,

in rmq you shoot shells, nails, grenades, rockets and cells at grunts, ogres, fiends, knights etc… you pick up keys which let you in doors and press buttons which lower lifts… it’s bloody quake! it’s even based on the old levels! not all the changes i’ve agreed with but i definitely think it more ‘quakey’ than nehahra with its super-strafing monsters.

I could just as well say that some others have a very narrow idea about what Quake is, or should be. These defenders of the one true Quake usually contradict themselves, for example by including Nehahra but not including RMQ. Perhaps everybody should re-play Nehahra.

It is unfortunate that there is such a division in the community between conservative and progressive forces, but that is what it is. It comes as no surprise that some of the most conservative forces aren’t content creators themselves.

I am a content designer who naturally likes to evolve, to move things forward. For a time, this was widespread in the community, and resulted in landmark mods such as Nehahra; but today there is a real antipathy towards anything that “goes against the player’s expectations”. The player meaning, the one who expects to find something that is much like the vanilla game, despite 15 years of evolution.

This is not without irony, since some of the people that once welcomed Nehahra are now in the conservative camp.

You see this everywhere in the gaming community, though. New entries into an old heritage are usually trashed for not being like the original, not being “true sequels” and generally coming at it from a new angle and interpreting the old stuff differently.

People are often close minded.

It is an age old problem that isn’t even restricted to the gaming world.

Let me close my musings for today by stating my opinion that a strong urge to control, categorize, label and rate other people’s creations is more childish than criticizing said urge. You be the judge.

To the defenders of the one true Quake, I say: Folks, you are stuck in a rut and not realizing it.


9 responses to “The one true Quake…

  • onetruepurple

    I wasn’t going to take part in this (unnecessary, IMO) debacle, but since I feel that this post adresses me amongst others, I’ll paraphrase your own words from the RMQ Trac:

    To me, RMQ is not Quake.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    But even I learn, although I’m sure you think differently; and as I said elsewhere, a development cycle necessarily goes through phases where it’ll contain more extreme elements and more extreme attitudes.

    For quite a while now, I’m no longer of that opinion. I have come to see the big picture more than just parts of it. I’m sure I have said things during the last 3 and a half years that you can now use to indict me; but what counts is results, isn’t it. I think e1m6rq speaks volumes, and so will the next demo.

    But thank you, and if the shoe fits, wear it.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Oh, also, if you mean the title of the post, this is a coincidence and is not meant as a cheap stab at you – I didn’t even know what you meant at first. I don’t really have a history of harrassing you, do I.

  • Tronyn

    overall this discussion has ended up being really interesting. I thought the second RMQ demo was a big improvement over the first one. it seems like Quake to me, ie it doesn’t change things too much for me. As people have pointed out, Nehahra changed more. I guess my definition is broader than some other people’s but it seems obvious to me what a Q1SP is.
    PS: I am such a stuck in a rut creature of habit that I’ve never actually used Quake injector, I still launch Quake in dos lol. Probably time to freakin modernize.

  • Baker

    Quake is two things. First, it is a game. Second, it was promise of how the future might have been, but as it turns out — it never was.

    But it isn’t that it “never was” but rather “it never was — yet.” The idea of Quake lives on, whether or not it manifests itself.

    As far as whether or not RMQ is “Quake”: opinions are like assholes and everyone has one.

    But the world is made of bulldozers and sheep. If you are a bulldozer, no one else’s opinion matters to you 🙂 And a successful bulldozer will attract a lot of sheep. So if you are in the business of valuing the opinion of sheep, you can still decide to be a bulldozer knowing it all works out the same for you.

    The question isn’t whether or not you value someone elses opinion. It is whether or not you value your own.

    Any line of reasoning invariably leads back to my personal motto: “Through strength, virtue”. The future is what you make. History favors the bold. The only difference between strength and weakness is that with weakness the world defines you, and with strength you define the world. Both approaches result in equilibrium.

    With all things being equal, being a winner is the most noble act. It isn’t in the classical sense that “winners write the history books” but rather that people only value the opinion of people that “do something”.

    In the end, the ONLY one that can stop you from doing something is YOU. You are both your greatest ally and your greatest enemy.

    Knowing that this true, will you ever listen to the opinion of those whose heart lies not in the act of creating, but in the act of not creating?

  • Baker

    The short version of the above:

    In a good world, it is important that the Romans win and not the barbarians.

    The meaning of the above statement is in the eye of the behold and takes many different shapes and forms .. I won’t belittle my own comment with an interpretation.

  • boldo

    Hi, found this only now so a bit late but this topic is a BIG one ! ..definetely not to underestimate because let’s face it.. Quaddicted is the main hub for everythinQuake !

    and Spirit choice of willfully not “endorsing” one’s hard-earned effort is at least rash.

    Me myself working on a Quake project veeery far from the original, even only for the unusual setting so my two cent go to gb 🙂

    I got an advice for you gb though:
    I guess the name of your mod “RemakeQuake” has played a role in all this shit !
    Remakes are strange beast, not always well-accepted by people in whatsoever field.. so maybe with a different title things couldn’t have gone astray..

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      Yes, in hindsight the name was dumb.

      Spirit can do whatever he wants with his site, but everyone should understand that Spirit is also the only person who decides what gets hosted and what doesn’t. It does not contain every Quake singleplayer map ever made, but only those that Spirit finds worthy.

      There was a bit of a discussion about if Q. should host mods, but tbh it does host a lot of mods already and so that isn’t really a distinguishing line. The distinguishing line is what Spirit likes.

      In other words, it’s a good idea to also check other sites for Quake maps.

      Anyway, this is long past and I don’t really care anymore if someone considers my stuff “Quake enough” or not.

      Thanks for your 2 cents though.

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