Crysis mapping, continued

This is the beginning. You’re inserted via submarine before daybreak. Jagged cliffs and a watchtower await you – these KPA are feeling safe, but that will change soon.

I’ve got a story pieced together whereby a Korean scientist has almost deciphered the Alien genome. KPA want to use the creatures as bioweapons. Can’t let that happen – a covert ops will have to make sure the research programme is discontinued. The honour is yours…

An abandoned base. That is, after the watchtower guard has been dealt with. Prefarably in a silent manner. All the grunts are in town, doing what grunts do in their spare time. You’ll get to them shortly.

The sun will be rising quickly. Make your way down into the village. The usual inhabitants are holed up amongst the huts – KPA with machine guns. You don’t get to see the actual sunrise – I’m not best friends with Sandbox’ Time-Of-Day editor yet. Thus, the sun has risen. Like that.

Since you were stealthy and used AI_IgnorePlayer, there’s no angry mob on the streets. You’ll have to go looking for them one by one. I know you like sneaking up on people – the scenery would be very different after a few explosions, for instance. Those Dirt Track 7’s would be swarming with KPA by now.

The all-time favourite mission objective, a KPA radar jammer sitting on the island’s only crossroads surrounded by a couple bunkers and the other all-time favourite, mobile base equipment made in China.

Take a moment to ammo up at the Pacific Star. Apparently fishing with dynamite is legal in these parts. So is being a litterbug and dumping your garbage on the beach.

When times are hard, soldiers go fishing. I guess.

KPA sleeping on duty in some forgotten corner. The rotten shed contains an MG, but apparently the war dragged on and it’s almost overgrown. Give these guys a hedge clipper. Couldn’t find one in the props library, probably. The blue box on the beach is probably taken out of Baywatch or something. I liked the colour.

Another beach and something in the road that might become an anti-aircraft gun emplacement.

De-Militarized Zone? More like, trouble up the road. Seems those international laws aren’t worth much anymore.

Yep, definitely. Heli airfield turned KPA stronghold. Making AI actually enter and use the helicopter turned out to be painful; Flowgraph sometimes just loves to act funny. Anyway, yes, two guys will run to the helicopter and start using it. Another guy will enter the truck and man the MG on top. A third MG is in the shed to the side. Maybe the front entrance isn’t the safest way to get in.

Now we’re talking! Everybody loves helicopters in the morning. The airfield is made of (gasp) brushes… I mean solids. And I found a nice steel retaining wall that’s sorely underused in the original game. By all means, do enter.

Here’s a top down shot of the airfield.

And that’s all for now. There is a WIP pier area that’s still very bare, but at least it started existing. Make your way back to the village and secure a boat. There is a second, much bigger island in this level that’s yet to be explored. Still gotta find that research complex.

And I do kinda want to play around with making rivers, waterfalls and caves. That voxel painter tool is smiling at me. And since anti-aircraft is in place, I do guess there will be an airstrike. I look forward to it.

Making levels for Crysis is surprisingly easy and fun. Sandbox is a very user friendly tool. In fact I can even forgive the occasional bug.

Screens taken at medium setting – I can’t run Crysis on the highest graphics setting, quite simply. Anyway my rig is plenty good enough for mapping.

It’s all work in progress and not meant to show off a finished product.

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