I got a couple community-made vegetation packs from So far, I’m using the European Nature pack (beeches, birches, pines, oaks, weeds) and things like dandelion and nettle. Nature’s not a monoculture; since I’m wanting a northern feel, mixed forest, pine forest and weeds and groups of birches seem a good idea to me.

Ruined building with the typical stuff that will grow there.

Other side. The European Nature pack has some really nice pine trees. I feel I should probably scale these up even more. They look good in groups, and the characteristic “spikes” have a subtle effect even when seen from a distance, or among other stuff.

Here as well, birches in this case, create a subtle change because the white trunks are highly visible.There are a couple new bushes here as well.

Both pines and birches serve to spice up one of the old roadside scenes.

My polycount is still pretty low, so I think I can put a lot more vegetation in still. Small levels have their advantages.

I need to find out how to hide the HUD and weapon and start using some antialiasing. I can probably up the resolution a little as well, for screenshots at least.

I’ll keep doing the vegetation thing for a bit longer, and then I’ll put a link up for testers.


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