Nicer things

Crysis has a nice gizmo where it makes really high resolution screenshots for you by rendering parts of the screen and then assembling them. Needless to say, the resulting images are huge, but I said this site would be image heavy…

I started using model rocks to make my cliffs look a bit more interesting. I’ll do this a lot more in the future. It’s possible to make this really hard to detect ingame by choosing a rock material that fits with the surface texture / tweaking the surface texture where necessary. Gobs of fog probably help as well.  *g*

These don’t really look very good, they’re more of a test case. Need to put a little time into rockifying my map.  To the left is the unfinished pier area, hence the lack of interesting stuff. No detail pass yet.

There is quite some trickery that can be done with relatively small cliffs looking bigger than they really are. I guess nothing beats real mountains though.


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