I started roughing out the second island (left). You’ll arrive by boat, so you can pick and choose between several routes. This part is pretty open and gives you several objectives (red circles), which you can do in any order you please. I think this is really where Crysis shines – sandboxiness and freedom of choice. Multiple tactical approaches will be possible. The goal is eventually to get to the mine and enter an underground complex.

I intend to do quite a bit of Far Cry-style forest combat – picking one of the trails to follow (along the beach, along the river, through the middle of the forest) and encountering enemy patrols until you get to the mining camp (hopefully a nice battle) and finally to the mine (enemy elite troops).

The mining stuff was imported from Crysis: Warhead actually, since I didn’t want to copy the mine from the original Crysis. The latter can only be put together in one configuration, pretty much, due to the individual buildings having catwalks etc. that expect to meet another building in a certain way and so on. It’s the same with the Warhead assets, but they allow for a little more freedom and hopefully aren’t so overused. They also look better, quite simply.

I decided to have the player start with this gun instead of the typical assault rifle – I think it’s more interesting.

It’s a Kriss Super V, which is basically a .45 caliber machine pistol. I scripted it to do more damage and have a higher rate of fire than the stock Crysis SMG, at the price of a tiny magazine (20 rounds as compared to the SMG’s 50), higher weight and less effective range. It’s basically an upgraded pistol.

I got the model from and did the modifications myself (it came with the standard SMG script, which is rubbish – a Kriss is quite different from a wannabe MP7). I’ll have to tweak the material some more, and find new sounds for it, but I think this is a breath of fresh air.

Also got a number of new buildings made by the community. One of them is a Far Cry-style barracks, so I can probably build a very Far Cryish camp as a little homage.

Slow going, but stuff is starting to happen.


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