Gone modding

I got a little absorbed by simply adding more stuff to my Crysis mod – I’ve got to make an effort to get back to mapping. Anyway, I put in two mounted guns and a vehicle from Warhead, the expansion pack.

Messed around with porting the Warhead particle effects as well, but decided it wasn’t worth it. I ran into issues where the Warhead sounds weren’t compatible with vanilla Crysis, probably due to a Fmod version mismatch (?).

Well. I will probably use the burning/frozen shaders/materials from Warhead eventually, since the final map of this little trilogy is going to be an ice level (with aliens, w00t). But I guess for now it’s enough.

I had to replace the sounds and particle FX of the items with standard Crysis ones, but I think it worked pretty well. That brings the count up to 4 new guns and a vehicle (I ported both the minigun and 20mm versions of the ASV). I will have to do something with Flash for the missing HUD elements, but I don’t look forward to that. Why did it have to be Flash? Time for actual mapping.


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