Doom 3 revisited: Enpro

Find the transmission card, repair the reactor, meet the girl with the lost soul. Gaze at the beautiful environment. The theme with the big “skylights” is probably my favourite in Doom 3. The level itself is chock full of imps and lost souls and only a select few zombies, maggots and wraiths. Gameplay is proper run-and-gun for the most part, with and without sentry bots. Did I say that the number of imps in this level is staggering? A real pleasure, and good looking as well. And well stocked on plasma ammo.

They gave her the office at the trench… I can see how that must suck. Unsurprisingly, all her collegues were very eager to accomodate all of her requests. It didn’t work out so well though.

I’m sure this is one of the more memorable cutscenes in Doom 3. Meet the Lost Soul. Thanks for the plasma gun, too.  Nice fit.

Awesome level.


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