Under Construction: E1 Exteriors

Apparently I got frustrated enough to start mapping again. I wanna see how much detail I can cram into this map. It’s obviously Remake Quake’s Episode 1, cookie for whoever guesses the map, two cookies for who guesses the correct area. Teammates, ex-teammates and engine coders can’t participate.

I’m taking longer to build this area, not to mention the next one, than I needed to build the entire rest of the level… Yesterday I got some pointers about what works and what doesn’t though. That little courtyard isn’t finished yet, which is good because you’re already getting enough spoily stuff. A little bit is OK though because you don’t get the big picture without actually playing the map. Here’s another somewhat under-construction shot:

There’s some boxing of the area with sky brushes here, to avoid compiler segfaults for as long as possible… I know the red banners suck, I’ll make models for them. I also hope to get the entire map decked out in high resolution textures, with a little help from my friends. I have more and prettier shots, but you’ll have to wait until June 22nd to get your hands on this. As a reminder, I posted some interior shots a while ago here.

I played ijed’s part of the demo yesterday, and it is pretty good. rj reported a large amount of brushes placed in his recently, and while I haven’t seen it, I have seen the other episode 2 stuff. It has been described as “I get that Unreal feeling…”

We will have three gorgeous maps for you.


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