… is how I want my feedback! He’s correct!

Send more!

Now I might have to integrate Dodgeball into RMQ single player (for monsters).

Argh. Now I’m forced to actually open the map editor to correct this. 🙂

2 responses to “This

  • onetruepurple

    I’m mildly amused that e1m6 had its ground trisouped ages ago and e1m2 didn’t.

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      Tbh it’s a heavily WIP area, that flat soccer field is on the border of “known space”. The focus was on building the roof structures etc. so far, not the floor.

      I’m afraid this isn’t a case of inconsequent design or something, although there are those in RMQ as well. For the time being.

      99% of level designers wouldn’t even have released those images publicly, so why not just enjoy the laugh 🙂

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