Credit where credit is due

Hi-res texture specialist inkub0 is doing good things for RemakeQuake! Since we use lots of modified textures, the Quake Retexturing Project for example has some “holes” where custom low-res textures appear. I myself released an addon pack for the last demo with about 40 textures to “fill the holes”. That’s still not enough to cover everything, of course. That’s where inkub0 comes in. He did some great work lately creating and improving some of the missing textures.

Some of you might be familiar with inkub0’s Hexen 2 retexturing work. It’s very nice.

Cloth looks like cloth now.

The red banners of e1m2rq look a lot better now, and as a bonus, hi-res textures have no fullbrights on them… and you simply have a lot more colours available than in the old 256 colour Quake palette. You can have nice reds now.

Remember these? From the last demo, e1m6rq. This texture is actually from one of ijed’s sets.

And this is a shot of a WIP area deep in the bowels of e1m3rq, Necrophilia. The checkerboard wood floor is from the QRP, most everything else is custom. Again the custom textures I made were hi-resed by inkub0, based on the QRP.

… By the way, hi-res textures also help avoid or limit a number of lighting related issues, like the green walls effect from orange lighting I encountered last year.


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