Model and Actor

So what’s been going on lately?

I’ve gotten a bit more into Blender, the free 3D modeling package. I learned my way around the program, how to rig and animate, how to add materials, how to render, how to better UV unwrap something, and more stuff like that. So far I made mostly static things, like map models – stuff to put in maps to detail them a bit more. I also made keys and powerups. But lately I started putting bones into things and animating them. For example, I rigged ijed’s Flyer model and redid the animations with keyframes instead of vertex animation (shape keys, as Blender calls them). That was mainly to give mh something to test – the RMQengine is getting support for IQM model format, which is in itself quite nifty.

I also made this ceiling turret. Trying to export it to IQM ruined my weekend though, because there was a nasty and hard-to-spot error (at least the IQM exporter thinks it’s an error to have negative scale on something). This is what happened…

Well damned. I spent too much time to figure that one out. And then I had to hack the exporter script to save the correct texture path – no sir, we do not use Quake 3 shaders in RMQ. I guessed at the Python script for a while and eventually got it working.

A bug in the IQM devkit was fixed in passing – bones missing parents.

inkub0 is helping us greatly with hi-res textures – both on maps and on the furniture.

I hope to have some of this stuff in the demo that’ll be out soon.

See how the Quakeguy mesh is stretched on his right side? He simply doesn’t have enough polygons to follow the armature in a pose like this. Having a decent base frame would help, too. I guess he’ll have to gain some weight/vertices.

Still mapping left to do, besides all this.

I’ll soon put something up about exporting to IQM, in the meantime, if you’re interested or if you’ve also had trouble with the exporter, here is the fixed IQM export script (Blender 2.57).

Here’s the inside3d thread.

Also, thanks to the author of Noesis. It is a damn fine model converter, and if you do anything with game models and don’t have this yet, you should give it a try. Hint: You can drag and drop stuff on its preview window (for example an .md5anim onto an .md5mesh file). Really nifty stuff, great job there.

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