Gone raiding

I am somewhat demotivated after the latest run-in with the Laws of Quake. Well, it’s nothing new.

I’m prone to having an affair when I’m unhappy with RMQ, so I reinstalled some Tomb Raider games and spent a few days finishing them . You can skip the next bits if you’re only interested in Quake…

I finished Tomb Raider: Legend, which a lot of people seem to really like, in under 6 hours on Medium, without much trouble. Legend is pretty short, comparatively easy for a TR title, and a bit shallow and fluffy, much like a James Bond movie. Combat in Legend is monotonous, but frequent, and there are some motorcycle-driving antics that really got on my nerves. The boss fights in this game are really annoying, too. However, the last two or three levels of Legend are actually half-decent tombraiding, though still simple. The controls and camera in Legend are actually OK (mouse and keyboard).

You might want to try Legend if you like fluffy games and have never played a real Tomb Raider game. It is probably a good introduction to the series without being overly challenging. It is definitely worth picking up. Bring popcorn if you do decide to play it.

I also finished Tomb Raider: Anniversary (again) in 12 and a half hours, which is not counting the many YASDs, on Medium and getting most of the artifacts and relics. And now we’re talking, as far as real Tomb Raider is concerned… It’s a very enjoyable game, perhaps because it’s a relatively faithful remake of the original TR. You have no sidekicks, you can carry all weapons at once, the controls and camera are excellent (not always the case in TR), the platforming is hardcore, the puzzles are challenging, and there is actually quite some combat. The difficulty is high in the late game, sometimes infuriatingly so. The length of the game is OK, especially since you get all weapons for any re-play after finishing it, there is a time trial mode, lots of goodies to unlock, and there are satisfying rewards in the form of Relics (unique artifacts, not the generic rewards from other TR games) that can be VERY hard to get.

I’m doing the Time Trials right now, which are also pretty hard to complete. The game is technically brilliant, pretty, challenging, and a joy to play due to the controls and camera. It plays much like a modern FPS, which makes it more playable than the original TR (perhaps my all-time favourite game) with its keyboard-only controls…

Tomb Raider: Anniversary is pretty high on my “awesome” list these days simply because it does a lot of things very well, and is fun to play.

I wrote a short Combat Primer for Anniversary, actually, because I couldn’t find anything like it and, while great fun, the system requires some getting used to.

Both of these games are well worth grabbing from the bargain bin.


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