Effects, pt. 1

While I’m playing with textures, I used a method similar to making grass to enhance my dimensional rift scene. These ray effects are pretty easy to make in Gimp and I doctored around with lumas and alpha channel/entity alpha to get some more or less interesting results.

Keep in mind this is only a first try. I’m pretty sure I want to animate both the effect and the models, i.e. have the bodies be sucked up into the anomaly slowly. All that isn’t very hard to do, but right now I probably should block out the rest of the level before I come back for stuff like that.


5 responses to “Effects, pt. 1

  • Anonymus

    Looks very interesting. Keep up!

  • jakub

    hi, it’s an interesting idea. how does this effect look like in a different engine e.g. darkplaces? i know that there is a special quake-remake-engine intended for quakeremake, but i prefer dp. so… is it compatible?

    thanks for your work on this project. quake is still the best game.


  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    We don’t aim to be darkplaces-compatible anymore, because we wish to experiment with things that DP doesn’t support (yet). We don’t want to be overly specific right now, but it might have to do with BSP format extensions.

    That said, DP might still add support for RMQ at a later point, because RMQ is open source.

    Several engine coders have said they wish to support RMQ, which is cool. However, the DP authors so far haven’t signalled their support, at least not to me.

    It is similar to Nehahra, which also came with its own engine. Other engines added Nehahra support later, though. The same might happen with RMQ. We aim to document our changes and make them relatively “easy” to port. Wherever possible.

    Right now though, the effect works just fine in DP. It only uses entity alpha and the alpha channel of the texture.

  • jakub

    thanks for a swift aswer and i understand your reasons to break compatibility with darkplaces. however, i still hope that one day it will be possible to play qremake via dp engine.

    good luck with project.


  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Maybe consider pestering Lord Havoc about it.

    I believe the SP Demo 2 does run under DP, btw. Just maybe not the next demo.

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