First off, we continued polishing Necrophilia until it was well playable, =peg= sending me demos and me fixing all the faults. Most of them. I still have a bunch of scribbled notes here about more things needing fixage, and I’ll implement them soon, but to me it seems pretty playable now.

It is still dark, although visibility is lots better than it used to be, and it still lacks some main features (two challenge rooms, rotating drawbridges and a proper ending), but you get the overall impression when you play it.

Which is … still not optimal. It is at around 180 monsters, most of them zombies and ogre variants. That’s a lot – e1m2rq and e1m6rq only have around 40 to 60. The parts where the player has a Quad, or freely grenade-spams hordespawning zombies are cool. There’s one or two other nice fights. But some parts are just a slog – 20 – 30 zombies in a row are just predictable and boring. Unfortunately there’s quite some running around as well, since especially the moat area is pretty big. One reason to build at a smaller scale…

I’ll have to come up with more interesting challenges for those parts.

Some old ideas for enforcer variations and wargear, using Gyro physics, summoning, cloaking, BFGs, setting stuff on fire, group AI etc. have sneaked their way back into a new design for a shadowy slipgate assassin eldritch enforcer and her merry gang of friends, opening up the possibility to have medium-level former-human enemies that are actually dangerous instead of just cannon fodder. This bunch will be a blast to design and play with. Think of them as the RMQ approach to more interesting human (not necessarily “base”) enemies. This entire stuff resulted from an unusually well frequented RMQ IRC channel, and it was pretty cool how everyone pitched their ideas in realtime until this new faction was lined out. Things like this make the RMQ team fun to work with.

In unrelated news, there is a whole backlog of posts I pretty much wanted to make, about a few games I played this year and so on, plus I have been asked several times to finish and expand my Radiant tutorial, the Doom3 revisited series should continue, I need to convert a few demos and so on. A few people have contacted me about this and that, and I just want to say everything is fine and I’m only too busy / lazy to do these things quicker.

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