Sketchy Keep

Playing around innocently with heavy things. Gloom Keep is poking me in the ribs. It wants some attention 😉

What a beautiful theme – the Elder World textures are perhaps my favourite. I added some frieze and columns from another source, but I’m not sure where they are from. Hexen 2?

There is an awesome map in this theme by negke, which I only remember faintly, but that is the one I aim to beat, or at least equal. Hard piece of work, I know. Let’s see if I’m aiming too high this time. I’ll definitely use a lot of wood again, just like in the rest of the episode, and some parts made from brick to contrast the red/cream. Copper also promises to work well.

I looove that light blue floor meshing with the red, brown and white.

Arduously does the squirrel feed itself, to roughly translate a German saying.


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