Don’t ask me what this is, I just built it on a whim. This dark hall with a high ceiling was sort of existing for a long time deep in e1m3rq, Necrophilia, but was getting no love. It sort of had no purpose. It’s the room directly after what used to be the gold key door – it’s not even a room in the original, just a sort of corridor with ammo boxes and an ogre or something. Anyway; apparently it is now the Alien Shambler Machine room. The dual cages grew out of the floor geometry – a T shaped staircase – and for some reason they now have electrodes on top. Well! Idle hands…

The good thing about this is that it acts as a little hotspot, or mini setpiece, for the area; the shamblers also act as turrets. It’s a variation on the old standard of placing a large monster behind an important door. Two more shamblers are outside the actual door, in the form of statues that awaken when you’re approaching them. That’s four shamblers. It would be a little harsh if it wasn’t for the fact that the original also had two shamblers around the moat area, and the caged ones basically can’t move.

Anyway. I guess I can milk this random idea to provide some much needed identity for this part of the map. Yeah, I sound like a tired creative slave in some dark office. Milk it. I’ll try to milk it nicely. 😉

Obviously the cages look like shit, so I’ll probably make nicer ones at some point and add more buzzing electrical gadgets. What counts, however, is that they exist.

Trivia: I used an electrical buzz sound from a game called Golgotha, which was never released. Yeah, whatever works.

Maybe this provides enough juice to build another few bits of dungeon so I can get this thing closer to completion.

By the way, I found my own maps quite enjoyable after not seeing them for six weeks, so you might, too – check out the Remake Quake SVN if you want to have a look around.

Why was I gone for so long? Well, I found the task of moving RMQ’s hosting to icculus.org and moving the Trac system to a newly created forum a bit more draining than I had assumed, and then I got into playing STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl to alleviate the stress. And then there was some RL stuff to address, too. STALKER is actually a kickass game, as you probably know it’s based on the 1979 movie by Andrej Tarkovsky. Its approach to creating an open game world is more successful than the one from Crysis, although STALKER, too, eventually repeats itself. Good game, very scary in places, great campfire atmosphere in others. Good “gun feeling” and physics. A hunter-gatherer type of game.

Anyway, my task for the current RMQ dev cycle is to get e1m1rq (Slipgate Labs) layout complete. I’ll hopefully also find time to unwrap a lot of the nice mapmodels donated to the project by gnounc.

There will probably be an RMQ demo soon, but it will not have any maps by me in it. As far as I’m concerned, Episode 1 is still in metamorphosis a while longer. Things are going on underneath the surface that might not be obvious at all. Enjoy the pittoresque silent lake. Nessie is sleeping deep below the surface.


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