Empty Room

There are these areas of a map where you get the vague feeling something is missing. Such as this one – the hub room where the original has an ogre behind bars. The scale of the remake is probably slightly off here, since that room is now huge. That turns out to be a blessing in disguise; one of the shambler cage-machines makes the close-to-perfect highlight here and provides a very ominous way to start this map off. Unfortunately, screenshots don’t do the spazzing blue lightning any justice. Safe to say it’s a very strange sight. This short video will give a better impression of the effect.

There’s one more “empty room” in this map, and I’ll use that for a fully working and embellished version of a single cage/machine that will open and close several doors when its inhabitant (power source?) is killed. I find it really fun to take something like this and come up with variations of it – notice one part has crashed into the floor, and the shambler is sleeping (thus only one remaining beam).


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