Haven’t posted e1m2rq shots in a while, right. So here’s a view down the trench, with a FOV of 70. This was one of the last things I built before the map crashed headfirst into the BSP limit back in June. Still haven’t fully realized that this runs again in the engine. Feels good.

The latest lighting changes that MH made have really subtly improved the overall look. There’s lightstyle interpolation and something that looks similar to his HDR lighting experiments. While RMQ will never be Crysis or Rage, I think I can justly call it a pretty game once it’s polished. And that’s something you didn’t hear too often about Quake.

Partly it’s that I’ve been absent from mapping (and from my own maps) for six weeks. I’m often hyper-critical, most of all with my own stuff, but I was pleasantly surprised. The stuff looks good, and, largely due to the extensive playtesting and tweaking of e1m3rq (thanks to =peg= again), also plays good. Hmm, motivation.

All maps are at least to some degree playable (with the exception of the former secret/bonus level, e1m8rq), meaning you can run around in large parts of the episode and plan what to add where. e1m2rq and e1m3rq are the pretty pair at the moment, very similar in appearance but greater differences become apparent the further you descend. Episode 1 is largely a downward journey, á la Nethack or Diablo, quite intentionally – with map titles like Necrophilia, what do you expect -, it should become clear once I work more on e1m4rq, which is pretty much the place where they burn their dead and pour their ashes into the holy… er, large-ish underground lake? Anyway. Downward.

The wood beams gradually turn into stone pillars. The courtyards and knightly halls make way for catacombs and sewers. The sporadic nail shooter trap becomes a whole gauntlet of various jaws and crushers. Several magical contraptions now exist to keep out the living. And the monster count rises steeply; right now, e1m3rq has four times the amount of hostiles compared to e1m2rq, with zombies making up most of the difference.

What remains to be added;

e1m2rq: The very end of the map and a relatively large outdoor area; vegetation; embedding the map into terrain on all sides seamlessly; populating the outside of the map with triggers, monsters etc (it’s entirely open); a somewhat large outdoor fight vs. knights and dragons, or thereabout. That’s mostly it.

e1m3rq: The very end of the map, two out of three “challenge rooms”, the large moat bridges, and two dead-end branches of dungeon I intend to take some liberties with.

I’m pretty much doing this stuff on the side while finishing my tasks for the current cycle. These two maps are probably the heart of the entire operation though; the last part of the thematic trilogy will be e1m4rq, which I intend to also act as the episode hub. The original shareware Quake used roughly four different themes. I decided early on that to solve this issue, I’d divide the thing into branches. One branch is the unfathomable red fortress map, which I intend to deck out in the full goodness of Quake’s Elder World theme, the other is the two runic maps – e1m6rq and a reinterpretation of e1m8, Ziggurat Vertigo.

One day.

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