Ammo boxes, weapons, monsters

We’re reducing the number of ammo boxes to 4, thereby fusing the big & small boxes of each type into a medium size. ijed did some cosmetic surgery to the boxes a while back, and recently I shrunk them down so they now fit onto tables or ammo racks etc.

I’ve also ported Moon[Drunk]’s beautiful textures for both the pickup items and the viewmodels (aka guns).

The shotgun with hand and the axe are mashups of custom textures by Moon[Drunk] and Primevil, touched up by hand until they made sense. We use Orion’s Debug models, btw (cleaned up meshes).

I like this axe texture. Most of it is from a skin by Primevil, but transmuted.

The box models need some adjustments still, but overall this is going in a good direction I think. I’m aware of hi-res HUD replacement textures by Moon and others, but I’d like the eventual RMQ HUD to look a tad more modern and perhaps do away with the status bar. We’ll see.

Regarding the axe, by the way – it now does 40 damage by default, and 160 (!!) damage after a successful backstab. This works exactly like you’d expect; you manage to get behind that critter and smack him, you get a huge bonus. How hard it is to get backstabs depends on the type of critter – among the more vulnerable are Vomituses, while an Elder Ogre is much harder to trick and also wields a shield to protect himself. Knights, too, have a very good chance to shrug off an axe hit due to their plate armour.

The current design is that some weapons are episode specific – what you see here is the Quakegirl’s current loadout from Episode 1. I still haven’t completely made up my mind about the weapon lineup, but I have to admit the RMQ axe is very fun to use now. Not least due to the “realistic” impact sounds (flesh, stone, metal).

With the hi-res textures and the 44.1 kHz sounds, as well as the nifty lighting, RMQ really is an audiovisually updated Quake experience. It’s like wiping the dust off your monitor, and the grease out of your ears. Quite remarkable.

And I mean, just look at this. Quake Reforged’s scrag texture. One of their members, Nergal, made some custom skins for RMQ earlier, which you can see here.

Sorry for the motion blur in that last shot. 😉

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