Protagonist, Antagonists

We don’t really need player models for anything besides multiplayer, but this little bugger will also serve as a monster, the Banshee. I’ll have to refine the relatively standard armature I made earlier to add bones for her thumbs and forefingers, as well as the hair. Not sure what I’m going to do with the weapon. Depends on if  we go for visible weapons in multiplayer…

The Banshee will probably get to use the Westinghouse, a lightning/plasma/BFGsomething gun model by gnounc. That’s the fearsome spikey thing she’s holding in that pic.

Where the Banshee is the Herd’s powerful executioner, the Preacher is the  warlock. He summons frenzied minions who rush the player in a suicidal attack. The Herd, while largely shrouded in mystery, is a spooky faction of former humans who openly worship Shub-Niggurath, the Goat with a Thousand Young; they have gleaned from this the secret of inter-dimensional travel.

Staff or no?

– Their shrines can be found scattered throughout the dimensions, usually decorated with goat’s head insignia and the remains of their sacrificial rites.


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