Downward Passage

It’s dark in there. Yeah, I know. And that bridge is in dire need of maintenance. Yeah… I know. It doesn’t matter, because dead people don’t need bridges.

This is why I built the cave huge – the bridges had to fit in. It just took a couple years for the damn things to be delivered. Typical.

This being a necropolis, a place of the dead, what’s depicted here is pretty much the mythical way to the underworld, the Road to Hel, and the bridges are the main obstacles in this level; the original’s gold key door transformed into a raised drawbridge the player has to activate. And just like crossing the mythical river, they are put through a number of trials in order to do so.

The overarching theme in Episode 1 is death. You’re taking on the role of someone who is dying and going to the underworld – the typical shamanic journey, complete with a return portal at the end. Which is a very, very long way to go.

Building the entire thing is pretty much the same – only slower and more painful.


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