Golden ratio

I should be using the golden ratio a lot more in the future. It works pretty well in Quake levels, and the Fibonacci sequence is very helpful in creating geometry according to the golden ratio – you simply have to count 8 wide, 13 high, or 8:5, or any other pair of numbers in the sequence. But since the number 8 is everywhere in Radiant (4 boxes = 64 quake units…) the 8:5 pairing works quite well. So does the 13:8 one. These approach the number phi (1.62) relatively closely (for an application such as this).

It introduces a decidedly more … modern feel into the level. Less primitive, one could say. I won’t be using it for everything, but the player seeing a golden ratio once in a while probably doesn’t hurt.

Notice those fat pillars not conforming to the golden ratio. Ugh. Must fix. 😉


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