Fog & Light

I found that having brighter lights allowed me to turn up the fog value to about twice of what it was, which gives a spooky effect of fading out towards the back while not really detracting a lot from the near-field visibility.

Perhaps I’ll use trigger_lerpfog to have different fog intensity in different parts of the map – and I think I’ll increase the fog value as the player moves downwards throughout the episode.

I think the underworld dungeon theme allows for some relatively strong fog; I’ll keep the fog level controlled in the more surface – or open-air type maps. RMQ also has some fog related triggers that I haven’t explored yet.


3 responses to “Fog & Light

  • Spiney

    The trigger fog idea sounds great, ties together conceptually very well also.

    I find fog in games is great of ofset colored lighting. Take some brightly colored lightsources and use fog to complement that color.

  • Spiney

    *is great to offset

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    The fog trigger was used by ijed in the last demo, in e3m3rq I think. You go down a lift and there is just more and more fog. Works pretty well.

    I have had mixed luck with fog in the past – the lighting in Quake maps is not very contrast rich, so fog can muddy up the entire look of the game if you don’t watch out.

    I’ll experiment with fog and bright light sources more, for sure.

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