DDS textures

Check to see if .dds textures are loaded – yup, they are.

The engine has had .dds support for a while (ripped from the Doom 3 engine I think), and I finally made the switch today. I used DXT1 compression for nearly all textures. The uncompressed TGA originals are kept around for work, modification, and a possible hi-definition texture addon pack when we release.

The filesize of the individual textures goes way down, so does their memory footprint, and the loading time. DDS images have hardware support – they get uncompressed directly on the GPU. I hope MH is happy now.

The quality is surprisingly good; I guess this says something about the quality of the source images, the uncompressed TGA files from Moon[Drunk]’s Quake Retexturing project. Only in a few cases, such as animated textures, are compression artefacts apparent. I’m debating to revert to TGAs for those, but haven’t decided yet.

Future RMQ releases (starting with the demo this summer) will require DDS texture support.

I hope we can implement DDS support for model textures as well.

Funny to think that our more conservative players might actually welcome the quality loss from the texture compression…

… while Crysis 2 and Rage devs got practically cyber-lynched for the supposedly low texture resolution in these games.

People are funny. Gamers – don’t get me started.


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