More AO going on

Notice the fucked up AO map on the sarcophagus, but also notice how much better it looks overall.

Fucked up AO map on the lower left barrel; this is due to parts being layered on top of each other in the UV map without being *exactly* on top of each other. With baking AO maps, now this stuff suddenly matters. It’s nothing that can’t be fixed.

The barrels now visually blend into the environment. The sarcophagus has some improved contours going on, especially the top part, although the AO map did less than what I expected. Still a clear improvement.

Another few barrels…

… and another few barrels, and urns.

Horribly broken lighting on the urn in the back, otherwise a clear improvement.

Stuff with bright light on it. Lower left barrel again has the UV problem. The casket and boxes are actually BSP – I think I’ll replace them with models. The mapmodels look better than BSP mapobjects now.

The bucket. Very subtle improvement, but it is in the way the bottom is now shaded, the inside of the grip is shaded, and the inner crease is also shaded.

Well visible ambient occlusion on the big and small urns and the barrels.

This tip was invaluable, Spiney. Thanks.

And for those curious, this is what ambient occlusion actually does;


2 responses to “More AO going on

  • Spiney

    Haha, awesome. 🙂
    If the props are static you could make a blob shadow decal and place it underneath them to take the effect all the way.

    I noticed the small urns seem to have flat shading on the faces, I recall reading in opengl a vertex can only have a single normal, so having a gouraud shaded model that looks like a flat shaded model means every triangle or quad is having it’s own set of vertices. That’s bad for performance since opengl can’t batch the model into triangle strips that way. Could it be you have smoothing groups set incorrectly on those?

    I could be mistaking, just throwing it out here.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Yep, blob shadow decals are forthcoming 😉

    Also plan to make the barrels breakable, and I guess I can just killtarget the func_illusionaries (decals) or something to get rid of the shadows. Otherwise I could use a func_togglewall or whatever entity that does what I want.

    I also noticed that the small urns have slightly weird shading on them, but there are no duplicate vertices and no smoothing at all. I’m not sure what happens there.

    Maybe I should try and do a quads to tris in Blender already.

    I don’t know how model lighting works in our engine right now. I might ask MH about this.

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