An outline: SP Demo 4

Here’s a short list of things required for the next demo.

  • e1m2rq; finish layout (1 more main building, some detail, a mutated garden area, and the terrain). Finish detailing, monster placement, ambient sounds, map models (trees, torture chamber, vegetation) and lighting.
  • e1m3rq; finish layout (bronze key area to have a horrific water mill, platinum key area a Lovecraftian tunnel network), build exit area (ogre platform room, lift or similar). Finish monster placement (especially moat area). Build graveyard themed assets. Scripted sequences.
  • New skybox for both.
  • Fix map related bugs (func_water, sound problems).
  • Improve lighting of models.
  • Better torches and flames.
  • Dragon and serpent monsters makeover.
  • Perhaps knight factions for this demo, perhaps later.
  • Fix general QC / engine issues
  • HUD for this demo? Ideally yes. CSQC required, which is largely in place but might need some builtins added.
  • Player character(s). Voice acting, animation, textures for them. Ideally multiplayer character switching implemented.
  • Improve roaming.
  • COOP support.
  • NPC related fixes.
  • Rotating train entity using the new avelocity rotation.
  • Start introducing Herd faction. Maybe later? Much work required.
  • Finish Insane monster, add a walk anim and some bells and whistles. Perhaps more sounds.
  • Other things I’m probably forgetting.

Both of our front row QC coders are taken up with RL right now. This means fewer people have to do more tasks. Not ideal, but we’ll have to adapt. I don’t really look forward to CSQC coding and all that, so if anyone out there wants to help, here’s your chance. Also, if you can voice act, here’s your chance. I need male and female voices for main characters. Want to be in a game? Have a microphone or headset and Windows Sound Recorder or something similar? Contact me.

ETA: June 2012. Yes, that’s almost around the corner. Huge amount of work left to do.

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