The damned castle again

It’s that time of the year again where people build castles. Or extend their old ones. In preparation for the next RMQ demo, this one just grew another courtyard, two towers, another largeish hall, another barbican, a minecraft-ish garden with placeholder pixel trees, some square rocks and the beginnings of another temple. Half of this stuff is placeholder – they don’t call it “blocking out” for nothing.

That lonely floating building front on the left is going to be the exit area – a temple some way up the mountain, loosely inspired by the golden hall from LOTR. The castle is situated on a mountain pass, hence why it has one front and one back entrance and also two large-ish courtyards. It should eventually have mountaintops on both sides (still missing).

Closer look at the new courtyard; the back gate is to the bottom right, with a Y-shaped path leading up to the castle underneath a sort of rampart and two towers. I improvised some pavises here, which will need to be modeled in Blender along with the trees and some other stuff. Middle right is the large new roof covering an enlarged version of the makeshift space marine base (like the original e1m2, one of the sub-themes here is infiltration of the unknown dimension by the human army. I can already tell you that the operation ended in disaster).

Some silhouette going on, with the map seen from one of the mountain sides near the exit area. I think I’ll have to build this part of the terrain by hand eventually, since I have to fit in several buildings / prefabs and a serpentine path. The opposite side can probably be done with the terrain generator, same for the two areas beyond the castle gates (not explorable probably).

Shot taken from the other side, to the right is the larger of the two courtyards aka the front gate area. I switched off the fog, naturally, and I had to brighten these shots up for posting them here, the map doesn’t look this bright and toylike in the game. This is just for visibility.

The back entrance again. I have decided to finally listen to the people who wanted a different skybox, and I’m happy to announce a more fitting brownish overcast sky to be done in the future. I’ll probably also recolor the roof tiles to be more brownish than purple, and do some other tweaks like that.

I also think that some of the textures are too busy looking and too dark for building at this scale. Quake has a sucky colour palette, but I can probably do something by using different textures and/or recolouring them to fit better. After all, wbrick1_5 was never meant for stuff this size.

Anyway, it’s getting there. I’ll probably plant one more tower (to the back right in the above shot) and then I need to build the exit part.

Since I’m sort of in whiteboxing mode right now, I might give some love to e1m3rq as well and try get it most of the way done. Supa had a nice idea for the final challenge room, which right now is in a separate map being cobbled together.


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