Blessed +6 Wacom

An image says so much more than words. Although in this case, not really. Anyway I got myself a graphics tablet. I used to have one, but it broke during the dawn of time and this new one is better in every way. It’s amazing actually, the way it reacts to pressure etc. It’s very intuitive to use. I look forward to creating a lot of new 2D artwork and GUI elements for Scout’s Journey with it.

As a matter of fact, I used to be pretty good at drawing and such things, I even put together a portfolio to apply at an art school once, but for some reason or other I ended up not doing that. I’d almost forgotten how much I love drawing. This new Wacom is a precision tool, and it’s super tempting to just sit and doodle. It feels exactly like drawing on paper, down to the sound the stylus makes when it is moved. I’ll have to restrain myself…

I got it halfway running under Linux, but these slightly less usual things aren’t supported very well. The Linux drivers are very unstable and don’t get enough testing. Eventually I just installed it in Windows. I figured I have work to be done and can’t spend ages compiling obscure stuff under Linux just to get my hardware not working completely. I had a similar experience with my old tablet a while back.

Between the new HUD and the loot items, and the user interface related to loot exchange, there is a lot of stuff to be drawn and this should come in very handy. Should be a real bonus once I get some practice.

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