Doodle addiction

Yeah, I know I usually try to keep this a game design blog. I swear this is somehow related. Still got the doodle bug after getting my tablet to work in Linux. It’s just too easy to get carried away. MyPaint comes with a number of pencils, I mostly  use 2B for scribbling. It’s very realistic, only pen tilt doesn’t work (which you can do with real pencils to get shades and stuff). I discovered that shading is really easy though, you just paint in large swathes with some soft brush and use the eraser on the superfluous bits. The blood sprinkle is also a premade brush, it should come in handy for making textures. I’m considering to use this sketchy style for ingame menus and stuff like icons/descriptions of loot items (Scout’s Journey will have quite a few). I guess I might wanna try colouring them, though.

Yeah, I like ships. w00t. I was trying out some oils here, something I have never really gotten into “for real”. The simulation of oil colours is pretty convincing though.

I also like Bronze Age rock carvings, which roughly inspired this one. Ink tool + trying not to scribble.

It is a bit unfortunate that in RemakeQuake, we never really got into creating new artwork from scratch. I guess most of the team wasn’t “fervently in support of a new look”. Argh, lost opportunities.

I need to get back to mapping 😛


6 responses to “Doodle addiction

  • Claudio

    Hello, I read about this scout’s journey project and found it very interesting. I’d Like to help in this part of the drawings and wanted to know if you need them make in the tablet or they can be handmade?
    I’ll put here the link to my Deviantart if you are interested:
    thank you

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      Claudio, thanks for the offer to help. Your drawings are impressive. You don’t need a tablet, of course they can be handmade. Can you draw me something Quake-related in pencil? There are a lot of item descriptions to be done, as you see in the post above this. There could also be illustrations for books the player can read (example, pages from the Necronomicon). Also magical runes and symbols and charms. Later on, we might have to modify monster skins as well. I’ll also take general concept art (monsters, environments, details). Draw me something. Pencil please, no ink.

  • Mike_Tyson

    Hi. I was wondering, could you use the tablet and stylus as an input/modelling device for Radiant as well, have you tried that? I am looking into alternative input methods for Quake modelling. Right now I am using a Kensington trackball which I love. But I was also thinking about buying a tablet/stylus, but not only for drawing but also for modelling.

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      I’m pretty sure you can in sculpt mode, just like you can in Mudbox and probably Zbrush. I think they all support pressure sensitivity, which is the main thing a tablet brings to the table (that and better control). You will need a beastly machine though because that will produce lots and lots of polies very quickly. 😉

      Read the Blender manual if you’re unsure. There are also youtube videos. Tablets are expensive so make an informed decision. Wacom sells refurbished tablets at lower price in their webshop, btw.

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