First raid a success

I told you it was game design related. 🙂

Mock-up of a GUI panel for Scout’s Journey. That’s a loot item, description, and some light interaction to either apply it as some sort of permanent powerup or keep it for later. This is done with CSQC in mind pretty much. It’s a mockup because almost everything in it will probably change, from the font to the background to the way the image is done.

It is almost identical to the item description panels of old Black Isle RPGs such as Baldur’s Gate. Scout’s Journey is no longer ashamed to include RPG elements, and I’m generally influenced by stuff from the 90s, so yeah, bring on the old fashioned goodness.

And this is roughly how the loot related GUI panels would appear in game. Roughly. I’m actually pleasantly surprised, I thought this type of thing might seem out of place in front of those textures and so on, but it could be worse.

Transparent version allows you to see the entire screen while the GUI is open. Hmm. Not sure about this.

I think the two-part transpareny might work better – the drawing of the item is well visible, while the largest part of the GUI panel is transparent enough to see movement through it, which is the main point of having a see-through GUI. Naturally these panels would go away when you press the Fire button, just like cutscenes already did in RMQ. I think this might be a workable compromise between eyecandy / information and being able to defend yourself if necessary.

Any information you gather in the game, such as this, is kept in the journal anyway so you may click these away and read them later. There’s also an element of trophy-collecting with these items / panels, which is fully intentional. I want to encourage exploration.

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