Stand and deliver

In Scout’s Journey, three factions are vying for dimensional conquest. Of course all of them worship Shub-Niggurath, so no matter who comes out on top, Shub always wins. Or so is the plan…

Here we have the foundation of the new combat system. The rules are simple: Hurt one of their sentinels, and they will retaliate. Sentinels are spawned at shrines from time to time and patrol the dungeon. This means the player can pick a fight when and where it suits them (and, for instance, prepare the battleground to stack the odds in their favour) – or not.

You might encounter actual enemy troops sometimes, but they should be few and far between. All of them are busy taking over your world, after all. A lone space marine lost in their world doesn’t seem like a threat. You are just one human, and if you are stupid enough to meddle in their affairs, they will crush you like a bug. Sentinels roam the place to make sure all is quiet. They won’t attack you, but someone is going to notice without fail if you attack them.

Enemies might sometimes drop loot, which can be exchanged into useful supplies. Shooting a sentinel is a sure-fire way to pick a fight, but needless to say, it seems like a high-risk strategy when you could just go spelunking through the dungeon while everybody is absent and take a peek into their chests. Who knows, it might be easier.

Also, let me just attach this screenshot. I was testing stuff for Spike.


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