See the light

Compiled to FBSP format using q3map2 and a medium-quality sky/sunlight shader.

  • Good brightness and contrast
  • Soft shadows without stairsteps
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Proper lighting of the helicopter (brighter on the sun side)

Compiled to q1bsp (BSP2) using the best Quake 1 tools available with sunlight option.

  • Flat appearance, bad contrast
  • Stairstep shadows
  • Flat lighting of the helicopter.

Both shots were taken in FTEQW and were not colour corrected. This is how it looks in the game. See the light, guys. It’s no contest. This alone is worth using FBSP.

Lighting is THE most important thing in environment design. It determines if your level looks good or bad. As such, it’s the one thing that’s not up for discussion when features and performance are weighted against each other.

q3map2 has a few other tricks up its sleeve, such as radiosity. But even so, the difference between the two shots is striking.


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