Plumbing problems solved

I was unsuccessfully fiddling around with Quake 3 water shaders last night. There is quite a lot of water in Scout’s Journey, to the point where you could consider it a main gameplay element, and I was starting to fear there would be a “water problem”. Until Spike told me how I could use the GLSL driven water he had been working on. I put that into a Q3 shader script and after some trial and error it suddenly worked. I have to say that this shader only uses part of what Spike’s water can do, for performance reasons. But I’m fully satisfied with the way it looks and intend to use it for the entire game.

To recap, here’s what happened since the split from RMQ:

  • Wrote multi-part design document for Scout’s Journey as an RPG-FPS with a Quake theme (requires Quake).
  • Designed new core game elements.
  • Designed logo.
  • Started new SVN repository (dumpfile is HUGE, so not at icculus yet).
  • Switched to FBSP and q3map2 for maps (Warsow format). Huge bonus.
  • Got true rotating entities working with FBSP.
  • Wrote a pretty sunlight shader.
  • Wrote nice water shader using GLSL water by Spike.
  • Bought a Wacom tablet and got back into drawing. Intend to use for ingame & concept art.
  • Came up with GUI design for loot system / charms / journal etc.
  • Tested heightmap based terrain by Spike, intend to use for game.
  • Huge boost to motivation.

Here’s what’s planned:

  • Get ladders, pushables and moving water working.
  • Write more shaders e.g. for stuff like grates and fences.
  • Look at the possibility of better physics.
  • Partly-diegetic, original CSQC HUD based on work by gnounc.
  • Use of freetype 2 font support for parts of HUD/GUI.
  • Implement new core features.
  • Convert rest of levels.
  • Unwrap and texture huge amount of mapmodels by gnounc.
  • Create more mapmodels.
  • Create lots of ingame art.
  • Finish levels.
  • Visually upgrade, re-rig and re-animate ingame models (I use IQM format).
  • Small new features.
  • Website & public SVN at

One response to “Plumbing problems solved

  • ericw

    Wow, I’m excited to hear about all of this! 🙂
    Great looking water, q3bsp with lightstyles, and your new Scout’s Journey project sounds very cool.

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