Keep them separated…

Map02 runs smoothly, but there were sacrifices. The large outdoor area that connected most of the map was chopped in two by a wall made of sky brushes (so the visblock itself isn’t obvious). This large separator crosses both terrain and buildings; I made use of some optical illusions to let the player think that it is all the same area. For instance, the tall building in the back left with the animal heads can be seen from both sides, but it’s in fact part of two separate areas. You can still walk around inside of it, though.

Another large part of the map was simply closed off with sky brushes and thus turned into a room-and-corridor type indoor section. There was some manual hinting done and a few donut-type vis blockers were placed (as was done in map03 earlier). This optimisation is still ongoing. It runs, though; both maps run, and well. I had to sacrifice very little playing space.

The pic above shows how the smaller outdoor area is now relatively well separated, and very little of the rest of the level is drawn. This is good for performance.

The purple sky had to go; I lost count of how many people complained about it. Yes, the sickly yellowish brownish sky is better. I also went and recoloured all of the textures; I found a way to use Gimp to transfer one texture’s general colour scheme to another. It has to do with blend modes. This made the textures mesh visually, especially the ones that were newly added or custom created for RMQ. The many wood textures have a more silvery, dirty appearance as if aged. Same for the shingles on the roof. The map now has an overall colour scheme that can be tweaked however I want.

Here’s a couple more sky images.


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