Another map converted to FBSP. This is map04, where some of the game’s central events will take place. Hearts will be broken, alliances will be made, armies will rise from thin air, and things will change forever.

I had to brighten this one quite a bit because of the fog and the huge view distance. The fuzziness in this image is due to the fog which gets thicker and starts covering up the details at large distances. The camera is thousands of units above the water. I just wanted to give you a sense of scale. It’s large.

Indoors. The player will need to collect four items from four subterranean areas, and assemble them in a central place to do something. Most of the action will be underneath that fortress (which should satisfy q3bsp’s insane vis blocking requirements as well).

I look forward to using FTE’s heightmap terrain in this map. I’m eventually going for a much darker atmosphere here, which includes a different skybox, but I messed up and it wasn’t set correctly.

Another thing I found remarkable is how the water actually appears darker from a distance – like viewing the sea from the beach vs. viewing it from above, say, in aerial photos. Performance is fine in this map, by the way, despite breaking the map size limit of original Quake with just one single outdoor area, and despite the water and the rain.

We’ve been experimenting with rain recently, which is actually faintly visible in the second shot above but I need to increase it – the area is just so vast that the rain isn’t dense enough to cover it. Here’s a closeup of the rain in a testmap.


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