Forging Ahead

Map04, outdoor area largely complete with the bridge at the back, lighting and details are yet missing. This is at the point where I can build the below-ground parts of the level and start doing props/static meshes.

Map01 slowly creeping toward layout completion. It’s got the detail brush treatment, lots of brushes converted to patch meshes, and today I began turning brushwork into static meshes for editing in Blender. This will allow for added detail and of course meshes are reusable. I had hoped to complete the layout already, but building all the cramped meandering “maintenance tunnels” took more time than I anticipated. Sometimes brushwork turns into a chore.

Static meshes. I exported the stairwell from Radiant to *.obj, loaded it into Blender for UVmapping and exported back to Radiant as an *.ase model. The q3map2 compiler can bake *.ase meshes directly into the BSP, including collision and lightmaps.

What this means is that I can now export a lot of brushwork to Blender for refinement, then bake the resulting models into the BSP. I can simply sketch out geometry using brushes, then finish it in Blender, much like you would do when mapping for UDK.


2 responses to “Forging Ahead

  • =peg=

    Looking good! Wish I had more time to experiment with this kind of stuff.. ah well.. keep up the good work!

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      I have a tendency to cram too much stuff into my levels – I often notice how small levels are in professional games. A comparison to three minute pop songs vs. 12 minute prog-rock arrangements comes to mind.

      I’ll build smaller and better structured levels after this project, I keep telling myself.

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