On the other rocks

Good progress on map01, here’s a WIP shot of some indoor stuff. While I was properly sealing the map and reducing the size of the box to the actual outdoor area, I got pretty bored and started to play around with patch meshes for details.

The sealing chopped off over one third of the portals. The map fullvises in like 10 minutes now.

Then I put terrain in. I’ll update this post with progress shots as I go sculpting and painting it.


3 responses to “On the other rocks

  • Spiney

    I bet this’ll be really nice when it’s done. How much indoor parts will there be? In Halflife you sometimes went underground into a new level only to resurface on the other side of the previous map, thought that added a lot to the feeling of a persistent world.

    On a side note, there seems to be some slight banding in the lower end of the lightmaps. I recall seeing that in all Q3 based engines, Perhaps it’s something in the bsp format? No biggy, but just something I wish didn’t happen, maps would look subtly better without it. Might be a technical limitation so not sure if it’s solvable.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Quite a bit of indoor in this map, about the same size as the outdoor section. The indoors are divided into recognizable areas, such as the generator room, the pump room, maintenance, offices/reception, main excavation area, railway tunnel etc.

    Pretty sure the player might visit this map more than once, after all SJ is a hub.

    The banding I’m not sure about, I’m not using the best quality light options for once since it’s still WIP. It might be less noticeable after actually lighting the map. There’s mostly automatic floodlighting right now. However, the Q1 lightmaps looked definitely pixelated and ugly over the entire spectrum in this map (bright wall texture == visible lightmap), so it’s an improvement.

    I also had to brighten and tonemap the screenshot a lot because with the lighting being incomplete, it came out extremely dark. So this is actually not how it looks ingame.

  • Spike

    q3’s overbrighting is stored as 2-fold overbrighting in the bsp, so within the common 0-1 range there’s only 64 graduations.
    q1 is typically rendered with only 1-fold overbrighting, giving 128 graduations.
    some of the banding may come from the fact that its a jpeg. that said, those lines are very blocky, and almost looks like its linearly filtered

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