Small interlude

I made this for a Facebook group recently (a group where we all post gear pr0n). I know some people in game design are also musicians, so I thought y’all like to meet my workhorse. Much to my surprise, there’s recently some interest in this short-lived brand. The guitars are remarkable due to their woods and workmanship, if nothing else – good modding platform.

The company that made these was sued into oblivion shortly after.

As is probably obvious, I like oldfashioned, handmade music. Guitar-cable-amp. Terribly outdated.

2 responses to “Small interlude

  • Moon[Drunk]

    Never heard of Cheri or Chevy but as you say it was a short-lived brand.
    Is that a song list that is taped to the body?
    What sort of music do you prefer playing or listening to?

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      Yeah, it’s a song list.
      I like playing my own music and various guitar heavy stuff from the 70s and 90s.
      I listen to rock, grunge, R&B, metal, folk, and also more experimental stuff like Björk, Valravn, some Danish and Faroese musicians, and recently Solar Fields. I will also listen to jazz, African music (eg Oumou Sangare) and classic occasionally. I have a preference for earthy, folky stuff. It’s easier to say what I don’t listen to: hip-hop, rap, and most of what’s on the radio.

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