Concrete Head

I just took a stroll around SJ map01 looking at all the stuff I built during my last mapping frenzy a couple weeks ago. There is not a single enemy in the map, but I had a surprisingly good feeling. I believe it will be really cool to explore this in the finished game. I was just walking around checking stuff out, and I could readily imagine where the player will find information, where the GUI will pop up to inform you about a cool item you discovered, how you will check out your journal from time to time and how you’ll crawl through maintenance ducts and even railway tunnels and discover ever more parts of the map. There is some pretty weird stuff in there waiting to be found, some unusual socialist-inspired architecture, strange machines, teleport anomalies, sound effects and much more that will hopefully make this a cool place to just explore.

Scout is going to have a working headset to enable radio communication during this level, and she’s going to find her first weapons and encounter sentinels and a herd shrine for some possible combat. A few positions for automated security systems have already been chosen.

The level is going to be played twice, and it’s going to be very different each time. There should be tons of play time in here. I had a good feeling going back into this map, which is encouraging. I think my game plan might just work.

It doesn’t look too much like Quake anymore. I will actually go and dump the last Quake textures and create a texture set myself. I’m a fan of concrete right now, because you can build pretty much any shape out of it and it will look good. So I’ll get myself a nice set of concrete, tile, brick and metal textures for this.

I built a lot more areas, some pretty extreme in certain ways, but they’re not nearly well enough lit to make decent screenshots yet. Wait till you see the railway.


2 responses to “Concrete Head

  • Spiney

    Spiffy, I get a lot of ideas how it could end up just by looking at this canvas. Getting some Portal vibes here (minimalist concrete architecture). You could try some brutalist inspired architecture, Lunaran did something pretty amazing with this map (albeit it does put Q3 to it’s knees). Nice Texture too.

    I do hope you keep some of the Quake-likeness intact in the more medieval maps, those were looking really good imo.

    By the way I uploaded some textures to OGA, maybe some of them could stick.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Yeah, Portal was a bit of an influence for the indoor parts (although the first stretch not shown here still has Quake-style wall panels and fluoro lights, with the concrete lurking closely behind).

    Another influence was Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, which has a lot of bare concrete architecture.

    I like that Lunaran map, although it is very different from where this map is headed.

    The textures are nice – I’ll try some of them, thanks for uploading them.

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