New tutorial: Quake 3 format

Added a tut about using the Quake 3 map/bsp formats with Quake 1. This because there seems to be a lot of confusion out there. I hope it’s useful for someone – anyway, it’s pretty much what Scout’s Journey uses.

You can have nice curves, pretty lighting, spazzy shaders, and static meshes, and a whole lot of jazz, in your Quake. This is nice if your game/mod uses QuakeC gamecode, but vanilla Quake BSP format just doesn’t do it anymore for one reason or another (how about ugliness and ridiculous limits, for starters?).

These tutorials take forever to write, which is the reason I promised several, but didn’t get to write them yet.

The Radiant tutorial moved from the old RMQ devblog to this one, by the way, because I hope to finish it eventually.

Rock on.

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