I’m a bit handicapped at the moment, because I threw my back out, as Spike put it, two weeks ago. It hurt a lot. Anyway, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things a little. I will have to cut down my (excessive) PC time, but that doesn’t really mean the end of anything (I hope). It just means changes in how I go about things, which isn’t so bad.

I can apparently draw again. Which is awesome, since two weeks back, I literally culdn’t even turn sideways in my bed without excessive pain. So, er, we should all work out, eat our vitamins, and don’t slack in front of the PC too much. Right?

Something like that. I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on my worst enemy. But thank the Goddess, I’m still here and able to type this. Being knocked out in the blink of an eye is a chilling experience, especially if you’re used to being a manly man and being able to do everything. It is very humbling when you can’t even reach the fucking toilet.

Fragile we are, indeed.

I made that drawing as a proof of concept placeholder thing for an old-fashioned RPG. Just to see how long it takes to do something like that. (It takes roughly 10 minutes, in other words it’s pretty quick). I suck at inking and stuff though. Need practice.

Here’s some more stuff I did again with 2D RPGish stuff in mind…

Yeah, it’s just one tree. But I guess with like 10 assets, you could already create quite a good scrolling background for something that resembles old Final Fantasies (or, perhaps, something resembling an Infinity Engine game, perhaps using GemRB).

Rarely is one asked to draw stomachs and brains. This is WIP for a little game I agreed to provide some quick graphics for. I know I’m no pro at drawing, so is it sad that most Linux games, for instance, never even reach this level of graphical quality? Yeah, it is.


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