Slackin’ in the 90s

May I introduce, Tim and Tony Dave, Pudge, Tosser, Beth, slackin’ in the 90s. Oh gosh, I can still remember when people really looked like this. Cut off jeans, Chucks and army backpacks were mandatory, ideally combined with a band shirt, goatee, and ample amounts of listening to and endlessly discussing either Metallica’s Black Album, Guns’n’Roses, or something like Alice in Chains (Extreme’s “More Than Words” for female slackers).

Maybe Probably these two four, or variants of them, will make it into a game.

I’ll probably have to look into 2D animation for these.

Edit: Tim & Tony are joined by Tosser, the guy whom nobody likes, but who desperately tries to be cool.

Edit 2: Tim & Tony got renamed Dave & Pudge, and the gang is joined by Beth (who probably loooves “November Rain”). Ready for game insertion?

I created these in MyPaint, btw, for someone else’s game. My back can’t take extended Radiant sessions right now, which is why I do 10-20 minute sketching sessions instead (also because I definitely need the practice), but I do want to get back to Scout’s Journey dev soon. Getting map01 layout complete is still on the list.

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