Baby steps…

… towards a) layout completion, and b) use of non-Quake textures in SJ map01.

I’m going to give a run through (more or less, because some stuff is not pictured here, and other stuff is still missing) of the map’s second half.

New texture theme. To the left is the back entrance from the helipad; to the right, the generator room.

Outside area with some new textures.

Exit from first part of map / bridge control into outside. Bridge rotates into place. To the back is the cargo lift / exit from map’s first part.

Warehouse (still in first part of map actually). To the right is the cargo lift coming down from the map start / Doom 3 homage area. in the back is a path to outside.

Pump room; to the right is path to offices / main entrance, to the left the generator room.

Outside; view towards helipad etc.

Way inside the map’s bowels – the arduous path to the excavation site / the portal. Maintenance tunnels; main vent room. Fans still missing. There is a lot of crawling through air ducts.

Maintenance tunnels; ascension to vent system. I would love to have more interesting platforming than just ladders in areas such as this. It would require engine support though.

Maintenance tunnels; room with locked door / vent access.

Maintenance; lift room-to-be.

Maintenance access; way to the back is the door near the pump room / server room, but the first time this level is played, the player enters the area from an air duct at the top (from Offices).

Reception and offices. This is located where the nailgun room would have been in the Slipgate Complex remake the map started life as… things changed a lot. But that’s what could have been if Remake Quake was still alive. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Server room, waiting for a few Cray lookalikes. Pump room to the left, offices to the right. And yes, this was originally the room with the computer of the Slipgate Complex.

Exit from maintenance, as seen above. Acts as a shortcut during second playthrough.

Pump room from above. Generator room to the right.

Stairs up into generator area, first encounter of turrets.

Overview of generators, pump room, and maintenance exit, left to right.

Excavation area and eventual location of the mysterious portal. The spiral was actually inspired by the Slipgate Complex’ descending ramp room (the Quake E1M1 room with 3 buttons). There will eventually be a central structure containing the portal and 4 keys, which must be collected from random positions in the entire map. Don’t worry, there’ll be a shortcut back to outside.

Here’s the start of the map in the process of being retextured… ew.

Between map start (left), cargo lift / bridge control (right) and scanner room (further right).

Bridge control. I thought it was important to let you see the bridge move when you press the button.

So much work yet to do.

2 responses to “Baby steps…

  • Spiney

    Reminds me a bit of Half Life 2 with the new theme.
    Curious how this is gonna end up looking 😀

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Much like a cross of custom Quake 3 maps, Source games such as Portal, and a detailing / art pass scheme reminescent of idtech4 games with a lot of machines. Not next-gen AAA like, but hopefully solid.

    Funnily enough, I myself have no idea how the medieval maps are going to look like, since I haven’t picked new textures for them yet.

    And I doubt that the game’s final map will look anything like Quake’s metal theme – I now have something in mind that resembles a discworld version of Mordor more than Quake.

    Gameplay should be very unlike Quake, drawing influences from the best CRPGs and various shooter-platformers… and FTEQW features.

    I personally don’t care one bit about Half-Life, though. Never even played Half-Life 2 apart from the demo, and tossed HL1 into the corner pretty quickly. I acknowledge its importance, but it’s not my thing. On the other hand I religiously revere Tomb Raider, Doom 3 and recently Mirror’s Edge.

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