Ventilator Blues

Nice big rotating fans made using RMQ’s rotate_continuous. Most curves here are patch meshes (and lighting on those is fucked up ever since I was forced to compile with -patchmeta), the fans themselves are actually brushwork.

It definitely doesn’t look like Quake anymore. I have said for a while that Quake takes on a Source-like look very quickly once you start using new (high resolution) textures.

The kind of brightness on the lights here just isn’t doable with q1bsp either.

The old fashioned switches are lazily made from patches.

For the RMQ rotating entities, everything is much the same in Scout’s Journey except they now use origin brushes like I always intended. There is no more targeting info_nulls or anything like that. Making rotating stuff is now very straightforward.

The spots are decals, pretty much just like in Doom 3.


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